Sunday, July 22, 2012

Technik Cabinetry Systems at Costco

Costco is now carrying closet organizers by Technik Cabinetry Systems. They say they offer the following:
Exclusive Member Bonuses:
  • Fully Assembled Cabinets – not ‘Ready to Assemble’
  • FREE Personal Concierge Design Services
  • FREE Full Extension Soft Close Drawer Slides
  • FREE Soft Close Door Mechanisms
  • Premium Satin Nickel Closet Rods w/integrated rod guard
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
We would love to hear from anyone who has purchased this system? Were you happy with it? Good quality? Costco has an on-line design system.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

EasyClosets Review

We recently finished installing EasyClosets closet organizers in a few rooms. Our house is older and still had the original closet hardware, which unfortunately consisted of a pole and a couple shelves. Since we are short, we needed to make everything accessible and also utilize the space better.

I'll give our overall opinion of the product and provide some helpful tips that will hopefully prevent some gotchas that we could have avoided. And also there are some tools that definitely made the process easier.

Overall Opinion
Overall, we are pleased with the product. It's very easy to design your closet system on their website and a talented designer will help review your design and make necessary adjustments. Once you are pleased with the design, ordering is simple and the product get shipped very fast.

You might be worried about damage from shipment, but this is not a concern! They package the materials very well. In fact, this is the best packaging materials I have ever seen from any place I've ordered online.

Some Helpful Tips
Here are some things to keep in mind!

Cam Screw Installation: When installing the cam screws in the vertical panels, go SLOW! It's best to not use a power screwdriver but if you must, put it on the slow speed and low torque setting.

Pick Your Screwdriver: If you do install the cam screws with a manual screwdriver, a Pozidriv bit will make your life a lot easier. The cam screws have a pozidriv slot (iKEA also uses this) and having the correct bit will help the screw stay in place. You can buy a nice 4-piece Pozidriv set that can be handy for this and future projects.

Hack Your Way Correctly: At first, I used a mini hack-saw and it was very time consuming to cut the top track. You need to use the right tool! Invest in a good-quality hacksaw and some 32 TPI hacksaw blades. Other online reviewers have complained about the difficulty with using the hacksaw, but they probably used the wrong blade. You want lots of teeth working for you every time you push back and forth!

Protect Your Eyes: When sawing the track, be sure to wear protection! The Dewalt DPG54-1C series is affordable and will protect your eyes.

Keep It Level: It may seem simple, but you need a good quality level to ensure that the track is installed straight! A good quality magnetic torpedo level will ensure correct installation and is a great tool to have in your garage.

Don't Drop The Screws:
Balancing yourself on top of a ladder, holding a 72" track, a level, and a cordless screwdriver -- somewhat difficult. Add the task of holding onto a bunch of screws and it's really hard! The MagnoGrip Magnetic Wristband is like an extra pair of hands! Just put on the wristband and it will hold all your screws securely in place, ready for when you need them.

Start from the Top:
We originally installed the cam shelves at the bottom and worked our way up, but we talked to their helpful support and they suggested doing the top cam shelf first. Once we did this, then we installed the bottom shelf and everything fit perfectly.

Don't Forget The Double-Cam Screws: Please learn from our mistake. If you have a cam shelf at the same height on both sides of a vertical hanging panel, you need to use the double cam screws! I missed this part of the instructions and tried using the single cam screw on both sides of the vertical panel hole, causing the finish to chip off and damaging the panel. Don't forget this tip.

Monday, January 31, 2011